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Way back in 1980...Howard Air Force Base was one of two U.S. Air Force facilities in the Panama Canal Zone; Albrook Air Force Station was the other.24th_composite_wing_emblem.jpg (41371 bytes)
headquarters_us_southern_command.jpg (104730 bytes)Howard AFB was the Headquarters of the US Southern Command and the 24th Composite Wing.
Stationed there was the C130, a cargo aircraft, and a few older fighter aircraft, such as the A7D and F4 Phantom aircraft.  Transient aircraft (or those passing through) could be almost anything!
c-130.jpg (109966 bytes)f4.jpg (166369 bytes)
One of the M-706 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), all terrain vehicles.  Also known as a "duck", it could even traverse waterways!m706_duck.jpg (112080 bytes)
c_flight_le.jpg (156034 bytes)The last group of folks I worked with before I left there...  "C" (Charlie) Flight, Law Enforcement, in the 24th Security Police Squadron.
Somebody added the above photo to a YouTube video of Panama!It is at the 1:30 mark...