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You can check here for anything new and exciting in my life...which means THIS page won't get updated very often!  I like things stable!  <g>
Family Members
My girlfriend and I

This is the love of my life, what a great looking girl like her sees in me is beyond my comprehension!  When she is comfortable with what I do, I'll have more information on her here too!
A picture of her from mid-December 2001.

This is the two of us in December 2001 at her youngest daughter's wedding.
Olga and her two sisters, Enith, and Evelyn, during their visit in November 2005.
My biography is accessible from above.  I will  include other information here later!
Then:  mark_with_fedora.jpg (56758 bytes)Now:  Badge Picture

My brother and his family

A picture of the whole family, three generations together at one time.