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According to Adobe Systems, you may find that PhotoDeluxe 1.x for Windows 95 or later may not list the Kodak Photo CD (.pcd) format in the Files Of Type pop-up menu in the Open dialog box; or it may dish out this error message after installing Kai's Power Goo 1.0 by Metatools: "Could not complete your request because Adobe PhotoDeluxe cannot recognize the file extension."

Why? PhotoDeluxe requires the kpsys32.dll and the pcdlib32.dll files to open Photo CD files. Kai's Power Goo installs these files into the Windows\System folder, and PhotoDeluxe installs them into the Windows folder. When these files are located somewhere other than the Windows folder, PhotoDeluxe can't open the Photo CD files. Adobe's solution: Use Windows Explorer both to search for and to rename duplicates of the kpsys32.dll and pcdlib32.dll files that are not located in the Windows folder. Renaming these two files enables both PhotoDeluxe and Kai's Power Goo to open Photo CD files.



Adobe says you may find streaks or white lines appearing in your image when you use the Eraser tool in PhotoDeluxe 1.x for Windows on a computer with an Intel Pentium MMX processor.

Adobe's work-arounds: Upgrade to PhotoDeluxe 2.0, which includes updated FastCore and MMXCore plug-ins, available from Adobe's Customer Services at 800/888-6239; or disable the FastCore plug- in and then install the updated FastCore and MMXCore plug-ins.

If you opt to disable FastCore, here's what you need to do.

  1. Exit PhotoDeluxe and use Windows Explorer to rename the FastCore.8bx file in the PhotoDlx\Plugins folder to Fastcore.old. If you do not see the .8bx file extension, do the following: In Windows Explorer, select View, Options; in the Options dialog box, click the View tab, choose Show All Files, and deselect Hide File Extensions for Registered File Types (Windows 95) or Hide File Extensions for Known Files (Windows NT 4.0); then click OK.

  2. Go to Adobe's Web site ( and download the FastCore and MMXCore plug-ins file (fast.exe).

  3. Double-click the downloaded fast.exe file.

  4. Choose a location to store the FastCore folder and then click on Unzip.

  5. Move the FastCore (fastcore.8bx) and the MMXCore (mmxcore.8bx) plug-ins from the FastCore folder to the PhotoDlx\Plugins folder.